Unicorn Birthday!

Fall is always a busy time of year for any family its back to school time and that means all of the kids activities are starting too. For us, we also have the added joy of 3 of our 5 birthdays to celebrate!  This year my little 6 year old decided on a Unicorn theme party.  To say that I was excited is an understatement!  I started my Pinterest research immediately after she told me what she wanted. And with the help of my dear sister, Christi (my personal Graphic Designer) we got everything rolling.

First Step, the invitation. I had so many ideas and really wanted glitter without the actual glitter (because it had to be printed)……and she did it!  Heres what we came up with:


Second Step, NO party is complete without a little dress up! I grabbed my hot glue gun for this craft which basically means I lost most of my fingerprints! Don’t worry, they seem to be healing well.  I used felt filled with poly fill and hot glued that onto some plastic headbands which I had covered with gold duck tape!  I couldn’t find metallic fabric and didn’t have time to order it so I just glittered the ears. I used this pattern for the horns it was super easy to follow. (Life is made) The girls loved these!  They wore them the whole time and ran around pretending to be unicorns.

img_6683Kids parties are hard and exhausting so I like to have a plan for the day and here is how it went down:

  • First we welcomed all the girls and gave them their horns to wear.
  • Then we started with Toss the Ring on the Unicorn Horn game.  Using a large cone I happen to have in my basement and a coat of white paint it become an awesome unicorn horn!  I used the rings from our lawn darts game but hula hoops or some rope in a circle would work great for this too!  The girls had a hard time getting them on at first but with a little practice they did it!
  • Next on the agenda was our craft!  This year I decided it should be something usable/edible because my house is closing in on me and I don’t need more stuff to move around. With this in mind, we decorated and made edible unicorn horns!  We used ice cream sugar cones and the extra white icing from the cake (featured later)! They had to cover the “horn” with icing and then decorate it!   I put out a big bowl of gold candies, little shaped candies, and sprinkles for them to put around the outside.  They ate many candies while decorating and needed a bit of help putting the icing on but it was all laughs!



  • “A” (my six year old) really wanted Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. Aunt Christi painted our amazing unicorn and cut the horns out of sparkly posterboard! (We plan to put a kit up on our etsy site if you want to own one yourself.)  She even numbered the horns so we knew whose was whose. The kids couldn’t believe how life like the painting was. One of our little guests got the horn in just the right spot.

img_6675      img_6657_2

  • After the games it was time to eat!  The party was between lunch and dinner so I didn’t want to go crazy on the food, but we did want to incorporate as much rainbow as possible!  We cut up a rainbow assortment of fruits and veggies for the girls to munch on, and the girls made rainbow rice crispie treats with daddy! We had to have ice cream and we love to make our own so, they all helped to make homemade rainbow sherbet!

img_6671     img_6666_2

  • However none of that was as epic and delicious as the cake!  It had rich white buttercream icing on the outside with gold candies spiraling around to look like a horn AND of course topped with purple edible glitter but when you opened it up BAMMM rainbow cake!!! Even the moms got excited!  This cake was huge and I was worried it would topple so I used the topper as my helper!  I used the same unicorn from the invitation and put it on a very long stick which I pushed all the way down to make it stable.  This worked like a charm until we started cutting but then who cares! You gotta break it to eat it!

img_6646_2    img_6668_2

  • img_6670_2After the kids ate they got favor bags. We made little labels that said “Thank you” and had our favorite glitter unicorn on them,  I had extra canning lid labels and loved the way the circles looked on the bags.  Each bag contained a little rubber duck style unicorn, a unicorn necklace, and a page of unicorn stickers.  I gave them their bags at this point so that they could fill them up with candy from the piñata!
  • Piñata TIME! I looked everywhere for the perfect unicorn piñata and ordered this one from amazon but then later in the week “A” found a My Little Pony Rarity one, sooooo, we switched. (Anyone in need of a piñata!? I have an extra)  I’ll tell you this puppy was hard to crack!  Each girl must have hit it a million times eventually Hubby ripped a hole to get it started. Once the crack was large enough he shook it over their heads and screaming ensued!


That was it!  I gave everyone some extra goodies to take home and the kids just ran around outside for a bit, then my husband got out his quad and trailer (#farmlife) and took them all for a few rides around the yard before everyone headed home for dinner.  It was a blast and my little one raved about how much fun she had all week.  A happy girl means a huge success to me!


I love throwing parties for all their little friends and seeing the joy on their faces. I can’t wait to see what themes they will pick next year!

Anything you see here we can make for your little ones party! We have since up dated the horns to make them more amazing!


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Double Duty Table Runner!

Valentines is coming up and I don’t know about you but we are getting a little cabin fever and need some things to brighten up our house!

We have this little peninsula in our kitchen and we also have awful countertops.  So to cover it up…I’ve been making little runners for every hoilday but this time I’ve impressed myself with what is clearly genius (or to some, common sense).  It’s a double duty runner!  Everything was quilted and designed by me, this is of course after hours of not finding what I wanted on Pinterest!  🙂 One side is hearts for Valentines day and then BAM! flip it over and you’re all ready for St. Paddy’s!

Let me know what you think and as always if you’d like your own just visit our Etsy shop and ask for a custom order!