13 Feb

Double Duty Table Runner!

Valentines is coming up and I don’t know about you but we are getting a little cabin fever and need some things to brighten up our house!

We have this little peninsula in our kitchen and we also have awful countertops.  So to cover it up…I’ve been making little runners for every hoilday but this time I’ve impressed myself with what is clearly genius (or to some common sense).  It’s a double duty runner!  Everything was quilted and designed by me, this is of course after hours of not finding what I wanted on Pinterest!  :) One side is hearts for Valentines day and then BAM! flip it over and you’re all ready for St. Paddy’s!

Full Hearts 2 Full Clovers Full Clovers Close up Hearts Close up Clovers Full Hearts

Let me know what you think and as always if you’d like your own just visit our Etsy shop and ask for a custom order!


20 Jan


Welcome to TattleTale Crafts blog!

We are two sisters who have alot in common and alot of differences! We both grew up doing similar activities, with amazing parents who exposed us to everyting they could.  We even both went to Universities in Philadelphia and went to Graduate school to get our Masters in Teaching but after that a lot changed.

Christi took the path of travel, rock climbing, adventure and city life. She works to live not the other way around, its a life many envy!   Her passion for doing new things and exploring new worlds and cultures is inspiring.

Meanwhile, I (Carolyn, the younger one) started off on the same  road but was distracted by, a tall Irish man, with a dream of farming.  We moved out to the country, slowly making the dream a reality. So, 4 years two kids, 12 chickens, and 25+ sheep and we’re on our way. While my hubby normally knows what he’s doing I’m learning on the fly.

Thats what we still have in common, our love of learning and our love of creating!  All this passion is something that we needed to share, so here we go!  We hope that you enjoy learning and growing with us as we travel, craft, farm, build, cook, raise families, grow, and make our dreams come true!